Hi, I’m Matt.

A self-described "imaginator at large," I’m a roving journalist, filmmaker and tinkerer. An unabashedly-enthusiastic experimental filmmaker and coach-player, I’ve founded video labs and documentary units at both BBC in the UK and NBC News in the US.

Most recently, I created NBC Left Field, a visual journalism lab aimed at toying with new technology, style and creative formats. During my time there, Left Field received a dozen awards in our first twelve months, among them the Overseas Press Club Award.

Prior to that, I founded and hosted my own documentary show on BBC World News called BBC Pop Up, a program that relocated to new cities and countries each month to unearth untold stories. I also led the BBC's video innovation lab in London, jumpstarting new programs on television and digital. I helped craft new websites for the BBC and even launched their now colossal Instagram account from my personal phone.

I've reported throughout Asia, Russia, Europe, Africa, India and North America. And I’ve won a few Webby Awards, a Peabody and was nominated for a Shorty Award for best journalist of 2018 for my work crafting Left Field.

In past lives, I’ve worked at Discovery Channel, the Tokyo Shimbun—a large Japanese newspaper—and a brewery in coal mine country Pennsylvania, where I’m originally from.

I now live full-time in Europe and am developing larger-scale programs for streaming platforms and entertainment television.

When not working, you can find me surfing or reading books on psychology.