NBC Left Field


A video laboratory

After seven years at the BBC, I arrived at NBC in early 2017 to begin crafting a cinematic, experimental video unit, one that would play with form and style.

I spent two years at America’s biggest broadcaster, first putting together NBC Left Field—from building the team’s studio to designing its style guide to crafting shooting guides and, of course, staffing. Within a year, the team of a little more than a dozen was in full swing, having already won a dozen awards—thanks to the fantastic filmmakers and journalists who signed onboard the unit.

After handing my creation back to the larger NBC corporation so that it could be put into full editorial swing, I then spent 2018 attempting to bridge the gap between NBC News and NBCUniversal companies like Focus Features and the Syfy Channel. During that time, I also hit the road to film a few short documentaries for my former unit.

Below are early Left Field logo sketches, snaps of the 12-member team itself as well as some of my favorite documentaries and short videos.

Some of my favorite short films from NBCLF

Inside NBCLF

lf office.jpg
lf logo sketch.jpg
lf close.jpg

Several of the team’s Awards

Front Page Awards, Best digital video

Picture of the Year International, Third for best documentary

Overseas Press Club, Best international reporting

PDN Storytellers, First Place Multimedia

National Press Photographers Association, Best in-depth video

Webby’s, Honoree

National Press Photographers Association, Video journalism

Headliner Awards, Best documentary over ten minutes

Eppy Awards, Best video editing

Human Rights Press Awards, Best television and video