BBC News

BBC News US website

Under the tutelage of some fantastic managers, I helped launch the BBC News website in the US in 2010 and served as a video journalist for the company’s digital efforts in North America.

BBC Trending

Two years later, I led an innovation team in London that helped craft the first experimental digital effort by BBC News. BBC Trending is a team of a dozen which carries out in-depth reporting on stories about social media and digital culture. A BBC World Service radio program and social media offering, it boasts hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and catches the ears of millions on radio.

BBC on Instagram and chat applications

I designed and spearheaded BBC News’ Instagram account and several chat application accounts. For these platforms, I crafted what was known internally as BBC Shorts, a short-form video news series that pulled in the best of BBC video and output it in a dozen languages and through a myriad of accounts around the world. The English-language service on Instagram alone now claims some seven million followers, let alone followers of other languages and on other platforms.

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